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Lani Stephens Music Institute and the National policy for Education

Introduction: Route to Skills and Economic Development

Lani Stephens Music Institute Jos began in 1992 on the campus premises of the University of Nigeria Nsukka, rendering applied musical and social services to the university community, churches, prisons, rural areas, orphanages, high-risk youths and to the destitute. Today, it is among the first Vocational Enterprise Institutions (VEIs) and Innovation Enterprise Institutions (IEIs) recently commissioned by the Federal Government of Nigeria to provide a veritable alternative route to higher education. It is a product of the recent (2007) reform initiatives of the Federal Ministry of Education (FME) in the education sector of the country. It is a private institution approved by the Federal Ministry of Education to offer vocational, technical, technology and professional education and training both at post-basic and tertiary levels to equip secondary school leavers and working adults with vocational skills and knowledge to meet the increasing demand for technical manpower by the various sectors of the nation's economy.
Lani Stephens Music Institute offers government accredited Diploma programmes in Music Engineering; Musical Arts Education; Music & Worship; along side with other short-term Certificate courses in Applied Music. Apart from the Diploma and other certificate courses, the VEI music courses are offered at the post-basic education level. The Innovation Enterprise Institutions (IEIs) are to provide a credible, attractive and respectable alternative to university education and prepare young Nigerians to meet the 21st Century market needs.

The VEIs and IEIs are expected to be a credible alternative form of education that will cater for the interest of:

  • School leavers who wish to acquire demonstrable practical skills to secure employment or generate employment
  • Persons seeking for career paths that do not need university degrees
  • Persons who have not studied for some time and desire to do so
  • Persons without time for full time study but want to enhance their skills
  • Persons wishing to go into self-employment
  • University graduates seeking employable skills and
  • Adults seeking opportunities to re-skill themselves


The VEIs and IEIs are designed to widen access to vocational education and offer a credible alternative to higher education, through the provision of relevant industry-specific employable skills. Citizens are expected to find within this sub-sector an avenue for acquiring competence that is economy- driven and therefore readily employable. They are designed to be private sector operated and run so that they can be readily responsive to the demands of the economy.
As presently conceived, the institutions have focus on technical knowledge and skills that are relevant to the Industries- e.g. Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Music, Oil & Gas Technology, Agriculture, Fashion & clothing Technology, Hospitality & Tourism, Film & TV production, Creative Arts, Construction & Engineering, Paralegal, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Professional Development, Banking & Finance, Welding & Fabrication etc
The curricula are in modules of employable skills. The qualifications given by the IEIs are called The National Innovation Diploma (NID).

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